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Rando 18km

A day on the road to Santiago de Compostela and its variants.


18 KM

Elevation Gain

600 M+

Start Date

Sunday 16th June 2024

Race Start

Solignac-sur-Loire - 09:15

Max Allowed Race Time

05 Hours

The Rando in a stroll version

The Rando in a stroll version

The Rando du Saint-Jacques, it is without time and without the constraint to present a medical certificate!

For the rest, you can do as you wish: sporty or contemplative walking.

The hikes follow the same route as the Chibottes, starting from the village of Solignac-sur-Loire, south of Le Puy-en-Velay.

Note the unusual passages in two former railway tunnels that have become greenways (Malpas tunnel and Riou tunnel). Something to cool down in case of strong heat like in 2022.

At the exit of the second tunnel, there will be a new refreshment point before reaching Eycenac for an invigorating end with the Guard of Eycenac, the famous park of Chibottes.

Before experiencing an exceptional arrival after a final climb to the famous cathedral Notre-Dame du Puy-en-Velay, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


All the information you need to know before starting an extraordinary adventure.